Per Rectum (PR) Examination

MRCS Part B OSCE Revision


Per Rectum (PR) Examination

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Wash Your Hands
Ensure that you are seen by the examiners to wash your hands using alcohol gel provided.

Introduce, Explain, Expose and Inspect
Begin by introducing yourself, explain what you are going to do and check that this is ok with the patient and that he/she is not in any pain.
You will need:

  • Gloves
  • Lubricating jelly
  • Tissues

Explain to the patient that you will need to perform a rectal examination in order to assess their prostate.

Gain consent and a chaperone.

Ask the patient to lie on their left side.

Wearing gloves explain to the patient that you will perform a rectal examination next and want to know if they can feel your finger and if they can squeeze your finger.

Feel in a logical, clockwise manner around the prostate noting:
Size, edges, consistency and pain

Clean off any lubricating jelly with tissues and ensure that the patient is comfortable and then wash your hands.

Thank the patient. Inform them that they may now get dressed or ensure they are adequately covered.
Present your findings to the examiner.


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